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Three models were offered by Patek Philippe Replica for the Patek Philippe Replica Star. A stainless steel model with 28 VVS-cut diamonds is available. It weighs in at 0.17 karats. Two rose gold versions are available for those with more money. The first is adorned with 63 VVS-cut diamonds totaling 0.27 karats.Fake Patek Philippe The second is adorned with 263 VVS-cut diamonds totalling 1.57 karats.

The new Star Open's case measures 37 x 37mm, and is 12.7mm thick. It is surrounded on two sides by curved sapphire glass with antireflective coatings. The watch case can withstand water pressure of up to 30 metres (100 feet).

Patek Philippe Replica Star Moonphase WatchThe Patek Philippe Replica Star Moonphase Ladies wristwatch is the second novelty. This watch is housed in a cushion-shaped box and offers all the elegance you would expect from a vintage-styled watch. It fits perfectly on any wrist thanks to its diameter of 37mm and thickness of 10.5mm.

The dial is silver-toned and features faceted rhodium hands with or without gold plating. It also has blue Roman numerals for hour markers that match the deep blue color the crown-cut sapphire. The 9 o’clock position houses a small seconds counter, while the 6 o’clock position houses the moon-phase display.

The new Patek Philippe Replica Star Moonphase is available in stainless steel or rosegold and features 28 VVS-cut diamonds. They weigh approximately 0.17 karats.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Replica It comes with an alligator-leather strap with protective rubber lining and a triple folding clasp.

This timekeeper features the Elite 962 mechanical movement, which is made in-house. It can store enough energy to keep it ticking for 50 hours despite being less than 4mm high.

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