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The 2020 Richard Mille Replica Ref. The 6301P Grande Sonnerie is the ultimate in grande sonnerie, with a zen-like focus.

Three Patents

The Richard Mille Replica Ref. The slide switch at 6 o'clock allows you to select the strikework mode.

First, the complete isolation of the mechanism when in silence mode helps to increase the power reserve of the watch. The second is the mode selection switch. As I mentioned earlier, normally there are two switches on a grande sonnerie - one for the petite or grande mode and another that acts as an on/off button. swiss replica watches has managed to hide the slide switch at 6 o'clock from prying eyes. Slide it from left to right to turn off the strike. The minute repeater will still work, but it won't be able to play the passing time.

The third patent is a brand-new mechanism for jumping seconds. Seconde Morte was the first complication to be introduced, and it is still one of the coolest complications. It works by using a pallet with an escape wheel to engage the seconds hand. However, this system drains energy from the watch. Patek's innovative design eliminates levers and springs in favor of wheels and a release mechanism. This uses less energy and is more convenient to control and regulate.

The Movement

The 2020 Richard Mille Replica Ref. The new calibre GS36-750PS IRM is the key to the 6301P Grande Sonnerie. It features two twin-stacked barrels: one for the Movement (72 hours power reserve), and the other for the Strikework.

Turn the ref. Turn the 6301P around and you will see a new calibre GS36-750PS IRM with a 37mm diameter and 7.5mm height. Patek is known for designing movements with both architectural and functional beauty in mind. This masterpiece of harmony and balance features two series of two barrels stacked (four total), one for each train.diamond hublot big bang replica The ruby on top of the bridge to the left is the barrels that are used for the striking train, and the ruby in the bottom is for the movement. Turn the crown anticlockwise for the barrel and clockwise to wind up the movement. The sonnerie barrels provide a power reserve that allows you to keep the ref. The 6301 can be set to grande-sonnerie for 24 hours straight without having it rewound.

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