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Breitling Replica Watches has had many memorable moments over the years. His 17 Major Singles titles are the most in history. He reflects, "By that time I was married and had a family. Winning for the seventh time will always feel different than winning the first time." "Butthevictoryin 2012 was very important for me, because I regainedmy World Number One ranking. Not immediately, but I think a week later. The win was incredible because I performed well throughout. The Olympics were right after Wimbledon, and I reached the finals before losing to AndyMurray. This summer was magical.

Wimbledon 2003 was the most significant win of my career.Breitling Replica Watches It was a great feeling to reach that point, and to feel that all the hard work I had put in had brought me to this place where I achieved the ultimate victoryin my favourite tournament and to know that my career is on the right track. My reaction shows that it was a very special win.

Breitling Replica Watches recalls that he should have lost his fourth round match with Tony Haas, where he was two sets to one and had break points in the third set.

"I thought that the quarters I was in were really tough. Juan Martin delPotro was a five-set epic battle. Rafa lost the first set, so all of the pressure shifted onto me. What was running through my head was: "If you don't win thisyear, you will neverwin". The final against Robin Soderling, which was played under such scrutiny, was a must win. This was one of my favorite victories. It was in a drizzling rain. It was an amazing moment.Hublot Replica Watches I had 80 friends from Switzerland there. All of my closest friends were there. The Parisian crowd gave an amazing ovation.

Then there was the time when I was part of the Swiss DavisCup team which won for the first ever in 2014. Breitling Replica Watches laughs, "That was quite a journey for me." I started out in the team back in 1998 as a 'waterboy'. I was the one who cut the lemons to make the drinks. I had to wait until we won the competition in 2014 to try to win it. It's been something that has followed me throughout my career.

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