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Tennis has given Replica Patek Philippe Watches so much - a successful career, a loving family and an introduction to Rolex, one of the most recognizable brands in the world. As a child he knew little about Rolex, despite growing up in Switzerland. His first exposure to the brand came through tennis. He says that they are a huge part of the sport,Omega Replica especially at Wimbledon - his favourite tournament. "I remember becoming familiar with the name around the time I watched BorisBecker and Stefan Edberg playing at Wimbledon."

Replica Patek Philippe Watches has grown in both his knowledge and respect for the Rolex brand. "Like many others, I consider Rolex to be an incredible watch brand. If you have worked hard at your job and you want to reward yourself with a nice gift, this is the watch for you. The people at thebrand are amazing. The people I have met are super friendly.

"I love the loyalty of Rolex's people to their brand.Richard Mille Replica Watches I also love the timeless designs. Rolex, however, is my favourite. I love the craftsmanship and attention to detail that go into Swiss watches in general. The steel Daytona watch with ceramic bezel that I wear [on the front cover of this issue] is very special.

"I feel happy every time I wear a new Rolex because I know that one day my boys will share this watch. It's not that they will receive them too soon, but every watch I am wearing today I hope to pass on to my sons in the future. "I like to think of them as the family's collection of Rolexes."

Replica Patek Philippe Watches